Publications — Selected Book Reviews

This list is no longer updated. For more recent publications, see my downloadable CV.

— Dickens, Journalism, Music: "Household Words"and "All The Year Round," by Robert Terrell Bledsoe (London, 2012), The Dickens Fellowship: The Japan Branch Bulletin 37 (2014), 26-32.

William Vincent Wallace: Composer, Virtuoso and Adventurer, by Andrew Lamb (West Byfleet, 2012), Studies in Musical Theatre 6/2 (September 2012), 257-59.

Organising Poetry: The Coleridge Circle, 1790-1798, by David Fairer (Oxford, 2009), Essays in English Romanticism 36 (2012), 83-87.

Text as Process: Creative Composition in Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Dickinson, by Sally Bushell (Charlottesville and London, 2009), Romanticism 17/2 (summer 2011), 258-59.

— English Romantic Writers and the West Country, ed. Nicholas Roe (Houndmills, 2010), Essays in English Romanticism 35 (2011), 133-37.

The Japan of Pure Invention: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, by Josephine Lee (Minneapolis and London, 2010), Studies in Musical Theatre 4/3 (2010), 345-47.

— The Domestication of Genius: Biography and the Romantic Poet, by Julian North (Oxford, 2009), George Borrow Bulletin, 2nd series 1 (autumn 2010), 55-57.

The Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry, ed. James Chandler and Maureen N. McLane (Cambridge, 2008), Studies in English Literature   Japanese Number 86 (2009), 46-52.

The Politics of Romantic Theatricality, 1787-1832: The Road to the Stage, by David Worrall (Houndmills, 2007), Essays in English Romanticism 33 (2009), 139-44.

— Gypsies and the British Imagination, 1807-1930, by Deborah Epstein Nord (New York, 2006), George Borrow Bulletin 36 (spring 2008), 87-92.

— Kindred Brutes: Animals in Romantic-Period Writing, by Christine Kenyon-Jones (Aldershot, 2001), and Romanticism and Animal Rights, by David Perkins (Cambridge, 2003), Romanticism on the Net 36-37 (February 2005). ONLINE: read at

— Wordsworth: An Inner Life, by Duncan Wu (Oxford, 2002), Studies in English Literature English Number 45 (2004), 136-43.

Coleridge and the Idea of Friendship, 1789-1804, by Gurion Taussig (Newark and London, 2003), Wordsworth Circle 34/4 (fall 2003), 203-4.

Wordsworth’s Counterrevolutionary Turn: Community, Virtue, and Vision in the 1790s , by John Rieder (Newark and London, 1997), Romanticism on the Net 18 (May 2000). ONLINE: read at

— The Genius of Shakespeare, by Jonathan Bate (London, 1997), Essays in Criticism 48 (October 1998), 379-83.

— A Quest for Home: Reading Robert Southey, by Christopher J. P. Smith (Liverpool, 1997), Romanticism on the Net 10 (May 1998). ONLINE: read at