Publications — Selected Other Reviews

This list is no longer updated. For more recent publications, see my downloadable CV.

— “The Resurrection of Italo Montemezzi’s Epic La Nave.” Review of Italo Montemezzi, La Nave, Teatro Grattacielo, New York, 31 October 2012, Opera Today 10 November 2012. ONLINE: read at

— “My Big Fat American Moustache: A Wartime Così Fan Tutte.” Review of W. A. Mozart, Così fan tutte, Hampstead Garden Opera, London, 3 May 2012, Opera Today 9 May 2012. ONLINE: read at

— “La bohème, Royal Opera House, London.” Review of Giacomo Puccini, La bohème, 30 April 2012, Opera Today 2 May 2012. ONLINE: read at

— The Stingiest Man in Town, directed Daniel Petrie (VAI DVD, 2011), The Dickensian 108/1 (spring 2012), 73-75.

— “Kurt Weill’s Magical Night, Linbury Studio Theatre, London.” Review of Kurt Weill, Magical Night, 9 December 2011, Opera Today 13 December 2011. ONLINE: read at:

— “Hugh the Drover Over the Pub.” Review of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Hugh the Drover, Hampstead Garden Opera, London, 12 November 2011, Opera Today   22 November 2011. ONLINE: read at

— “Between Earth and Heaven.” Review of Alfredo Catalani, La Wally, Opera Holland Park, London, 31 July 2011, London Magazine October/November 2011, 118-23.

— “La Traviata and the Credit Crunch.” Review of Giuseppe Verdi, La Traviata, Royal Opera House, London, 3 October 2011, Opera Today 12 October 2011. ONLINE: read at

— Le secret d’Offenbach: Une soirée aux Bouffes Parisiens, directed István Szabó (Geneon DVD, 2009), Jacques Offenbach Society Newsletter 49 (September 2009), 10-13.